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Yelwek Farm’s Purple Tasmanian Garlic are AVAILABLE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017

Yelwek Farm’s 2017 White Potato Onions are AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2017

Yelwek Farm’s 2017 Brown Potato Onions are AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2017 



Our produce is grown without using pesticides or herbicides. We use a complete organic fertilizer, a combination of seedmeal, blood and bone, agricultural lime, dolomite lime, gypsum,  and kelpmeal. Compost and sheep manure are also used.

Oca is not a noxious or invasive weed and can be used as a substitute for potato.

Usually the oca that we sell is for planting. If you desire to purchase oca for eating, message us and we will check to see if fresh oca is available for sale.



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