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Yelwek Farm is pleased to offer you Purple Tasmanian Garlic. This type of garlic is a hard necked variety, with a beautiful purple-striped appearance on the outer leaves and is easy to peel. It has a strong flavour with good storage life. The cloves are medium to large, being larger if planted in early April. You can purchase either through the website: Here, or you can visit our Purple Tasmanian Garlic listing on eBay Australia: Here. Feel welcome to read through our information provided.

Our Purple Tasmanian Garlic is grown without using pesticides or herbicides. We use a complete organic fertilizer, a combination of seedmeal, blood and bone, agricultural lime, dolomite lime, gypsum, and kelpmeal. Mushroom compost and sheep manure  also used.

We hand plant, hand weed with sharp hoes and hand harvest all produce we grow, including the Purple Tasmanian Garlic at our farm on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

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